The New Mark Ruffalo Series Has A Grisly Testicle Scene

The New Mark Ruffalo Series Has A Grisly Testicle Scene

We’re always on the hunt for new testicle-related news in the media, but this one came from a pretty unexpected place. HBO’s new miniseries I Know This Much Is True, based on a bestselling novel by Wally Lamb, stars Mark Ruffalo as twins Dominick and Thomas Birdsley. Dominick is the more stable one of the two, but his life is no picnic- his wife left him, his mother just passed away from cancer and his loathsome stepfather inherited the family home.

His brother Thomas has it far rougher – struggling with schizophrenia, he has been institutionalized in a secure hospital unit after a psychotic episode in a local library. When Dominick bails his brother out of the mental ward, things go from bad to worse for both siblings. A series of flashbacks illustrates their conflicted relationship, with Mark Ruffalo performing an acting tour de force to really make the two seem like different people.

Oh, the testicle part: in order to get Thomas out of the hospital, he gets kicked in the nutsack by a guard, and then uses the assault to blackmail the administration. The scene is played out in grisly detail on-screen, because this is HBO and they can get away with anything. The whole series is definitely worth a watch, but it’s a heavy bummer.

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