The Serbs Dominated The World Testicle Cook-Off

The Serbs Dominated The World Testicle Cook-Off

Another World Testicle Cook-Off is in the books – the annual event where chefs from around the world assemble in Lipovica to test their mettle in preparing gonads for human consumption. Teams from across the globe showed up for the coveted Ball Cup, and although France and Japan both did well, the eventual winners were the hometown team, the Serbs.

The French team tried to push the normally homey cuisine forward by introducing molecular gastronomy into the mix with their bull testicles with foie gras and chocolate “salty balls,” and although the three-person judges panel appreciated their efforts, they gave it to the Serb team who presented a more traditional testicle stew. This is the second year in a row that the local boys have won the thing, making some suspicious that the home field advantage might be too much to overcome.

Ruptly sent a video crew to the scene to check it out, resulting in the clip below.

While we don’t ever see bull testicles becoming a major part of anyone’s diet, the fact that chefs from across the world will assemble for fifteen years running to cook them for an appreciative audience is a pretty positive thing. We’ll check in next year to see who took home the crown.

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