The Thrifty Handyman Repairs Damaged Nuts and Bolts

We’re not talking about this kind of damaged nuts, thank goodness; you’re better off never taking a hacksaw near those bad boys. No, we’re talking about the hardware kind of damaged nuts (or bolts), like you would use to, well, do whatever you do with nuts and bolts.

Sometimes these tiny pieces of will be damaged or compromised, who knows how, maybe you were cutting the hell out of them with a saw because you’re a dunderhead who lost your wheel keys. Perhaps you dropped them a million times, or something.

From the video, it’s not clear why these damaged nuts would necessitate a repair, but the grime on our silent expert’s hands indicates that he might be from a time during which we did not have a Home Depot on every corner. Back then, specialized nuts were expensive and hard to procure, we’re guessing. Or maybe he has a special attachment to this bolt? Does he love it?

At any rate, man this seems like a huge hassle. Good luck to you if your nuts get damaged.