IdealSeat Is An App To Help You Catch A Foul Ball

IdealSeat Foul Ball App

Sure, you can get free bobbleheads and other souvenirs, but for many people the absolute best trophy you can walk out of a baseball game with is a foul ball. There are even people who make a career out of catching fouls. And it’s not a rare occasion – across the major and minor leagues, a whopping 53,000 balls get dinged into the stands every year.

So how do you get your hands on one? Well, because this is 2017, there’s an app for that. IdealSeat is a new program developed by a Seattle company that starts with the largest database of foul hits ever created, uses algorithms to plot where they’re most likely to land during any given future game, and then feeds you the seats for an additional fee.

It’s a pretty brilliant idea and the company has the data to back up their idea. The company has moved from a direct-to-consumer model to licensing its technology to other ticket retailers, who can offer seats more smoothly. The company is also hoping to branch out into other sports and live events, although we’re not sure what kind of data they could use for NASCAR and the like. has more on IdealSeat.