These Japanese Cat Testicle Plushies Are Cute

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These Japanese Cat Testicle Plushies Are Cute

Japan has a reputation for blurring the lines between cute and bizarre, and this new line of plushies from the cat-themed online store Felissimo Nekobu is a great example. The little pouches replicate the back end of an ordinary male housecat, balls and all. Felissimo Nekobu runs a subscription service where fans of the animal can get a new parcel of swag every month, and this latest offering is something else.

Dubbed “Enchanted Back View Nyantama Pouch,” the plushies have a cute cat face on one end and a vertically-held tail over a full nutsack on the other. You can put your fingers into the legs and make the little bugger walk across a flat surface as well, or just use the hollow parts to store keys, pocket change or miscellaneous items.

“Nyantama” is made up from the Japanese words “nyan,” the sound a cat makes, and “tama,” meaning balls. So we all know what the big attraction is. They come in a number of different colors and patterns to represent your favorite cat breed. They’re apparently doing good business for the store.

Would you buy one of these cat plushies, or is your house a no-ball zone?

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