These Ping Pong Stunts Will Blow Your Mind


The noble game of table tennis doesn’t get the respect it deserves, in our opinion. The power and finesse needed to target a tiny, featherweight ball with incredible precision on a table is a rare thing. And the minds at Pongfinity show us exactly how rare with a compilation of some of the most amazing ping pong stunts ever filmed.

How amazing are we talking here? The second clip features them opening a Coke bottle with a well-aimed serve. Take a second and try to figure out the physics necessary to drive a ping pong ball with the exact right force and spin to twist off a cap. You’d have to be a master mathematician to graph it out, but they do it like it’s nothing.

That might not even be the most impressive thing in this video, though. We also get ping pong stunts featuring shovels, candles, frying pans, rows of cups and more. The spin and control these dudes have is out of this world and obviously the result of a lifetime of intense training. So the next time you feel like making fun of table tennis players, think back to this video and ask yourself if you could do any better. Hint: you can’t.