These Underwear Protect Your Balls From Your Kids

These Underwear Protect Your Balls From Your Kids

If you have kids, or have been around them for any length of time, you probably know that they have a near-magical ability to accidentally inflict harm on themselves and people around them. Growing bodies are clumsy, and as young ones flail around they can whack you with elbows, feet, heads and more. And one of the most painful kid-related accidents is when your little one accidentally nails you in the balls.

And now there’s underwear designed to mitigate the pain when that happens. They’re called “FridaBalls,” and the company that makes them is very confident in their ability to protect your family jewels from anything your kids can dish out.

At $28 a pop, these underwear aren’t the cheapest. But in addition to a “reinforced protective pouch to soften the blow and keep dad’s buddies safe,” FridaBalls are made from moisture wicking fabric to keep your nether regions clean and dry, and boast a never-slip secure waistband. But it’s the pouch that’s getting most of the ink – it’s designed to enclose your most sensitive area and protect it from assaults from all angles, whether that be a kicking foot from an infant in a baby carrier or a falling headbut when you’re roughhousing in bed.

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