These Undies Will Keep Your Balls Chill


Medical science has taught us that temperature is important for our testicles – we produce sperm a lot better when our scrotum is kept about two degrees colder than normal body temperature. Increased heat can actually damage our ability to produce healthy sperm. That’s where Snowballs come in.

This remarkable underwear comes with thin, flexible cooling pouches that you insert before you go out. They offer at least 30 minutes of scrotal cooling, and can be easily changed out. In addition to sperm production, some athletes believe that the practice of “icing” can increase testosterone and muscle gain if done before you lift.

Are these undies the final answer for men struggling with fertility? Of course not – you should always consult a doctor before starting any kind of health regimen. But there are multiple studies linking temperature control to increased sperm count and health, so why not see if Snowballs are right for you?