This Couch Is Made From 120 Balls

Balls Couch

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that will spark conversation, and you’re also into balls, why not consider the Feel Seating System Deluxe? This unique modular construction is made out of 120 fluffy spherical balls that you can shape into a couch, a love seat, a bed or whatever your little heart desires. Each ball has four plastic connectors that you can link together to make a variety of shapes, and with a little practice you’ll be able to construct a variety of different pieces.

We’re pretty into this idea, and not just because of the obvious ball tie-in. Many people live in small apartments where space is at a premium, and having a piece of furniture that can fill many different needs is very tempting. And that’s not even figuring in the sheer fun you’d have goofing around with it. It’s like a grown-up substitute for Legos. Here’s some video of a news team testing it out on the air, with hijinks ensuing.

The only problem wit the Feel Seating System Deluxe? If you want one, it’ll run you a cool $7,950 plus shipping. Sure, if you were to buy a bed and a couch and two chairs and a floor rug they’d all probably add up to around that much, but that’s still serious sticker shock for 120 fluffy balls.