This Enlarged Testicle Should Have Its Own Daytime TV Show

Just to be forthcoming with you, that video above is from a much tamer, much less blatantly nude episode of Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room than the one that featured one man’s dangerously enlarged testicle. Even if that episode were floating around online, which it was not—we searched longer than we’d like to admit—we would have spared you the graphic images. Yes, even here on The Ball Report, where topics range from people grabbing their testicles in pain to nuts straight up being eaten, there is a line for us to draw when it comes o sensitive content. In this case, the line was juuuust in front of showing you a testicle the size of a volleyball.

But iTV and Metro UK do not have the same compunctions that we do, so when you click that link there, you’ll be able to scroll down and see what this poor fella was dealing with. That decision, in and of itself, is not so baffling. As humans, many of us are interested in health topics. Combining that innate fascination with the drama and theater of the absurd is often too much to resist. And, after all, choosing to click on a link that promises nudity is something that we have been conditioned to enjoy doing! The regular iTV viewers of Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room, however, were not making such a conscious decision.

American viewers may not realize it, but putting an enlarged testicle on live daytime television arguably does not even belong on the long, long list of offensive things that Kyle has sent over the airwaves during his TV career. Take the titles of some of his most popular episodes on YouTube as examples:

Okay, so he’s the English Jerry Springer. Good to know! We’re not sure Jerry ever had big balls like this, though.