This Guy’s Huge Glove Didn’t Help Him Catch A Foul


Catching a foul ball is a true art, and people who specialize in it can snatch down multiple hits into the stands in a single game with just their bare hands. That doesn’t stop less-skilled people from trying to take shortcuts, like this Giants fan who brought an oversized novelty glove to Monday’s game against the Rockies at Coors Field. One would think that would give him an unfair advantage, but when the hit came his way he simply couldn’t seal the deal.

There’s something sort of obnoxious about having a glove that size in the stands, as it’s a little unfair to the spectators around you who deserve to catch a foul just as much as you do, so we have to say it felt pretty good when the poor schlub made a grab for the ball, only to close it too early and have it ricochet off the side and onto the floor. We’re not the only people who enjoyed it, as the camera quickly cut away to other people pointing and laughing in the bleachers.

What do you think? Is a big glove fair ball in the stands or is it more trouble than it’s worth?