This Man’s Testicular Cancer Triumph Is An Inspiring Story

This Man's Testicular Cancer Triumph Is An Inspiring Story

Testicular cancer is our whole reason for doing things here at the Ball Report, both to urge men to check their sacks on a regular basis and report anything unusual to their doctors, as well as helping the newly diagnosed and recovering understand what they’re in for. On that second beat, we’re happy to share an inspiring story of a British man who beat it and thrived.

Our man is named Marvin Henshaw, and he was diagnosed with the disease way back in 1994. It had already spread, and the staff at Weston Park Cancer Centre broke the news that he had a 50% chance of surviving at all. Always looking towards the positive, Henshaw dug in his heels and pledged to do whatever it took to beat testicular cancer.

He underwent months of grueling chemotherapy and a surgery to remove his damaged gonad, but he credits the hospital staff for inspiring him to keep fighting.

“I could have died, but I’ve made a good recovery,” he said. “When people think about a cancer hospital they feel daunted and scared, but the place and people gave me energy and I used my cancer experience to live my life.”

In 2006, he got married and was gratified to discover that his ordeal had not affected his fertility. He now has three children with his wife Anne. In 2013 he started his own business and has used it to raise lots of money for the charity that helps operate the Cancer Centre, looking to help other people battling the disease succeed.

“I’m so thankful to Weston Park Cancer Centre,” Henshaw told the press. “They gave me my life. The treatment created for each patient and the way the facilities and care support a person’s wellbeing and mental state is excellent.”

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