This MMA Fight Ends With The Craziest Flipping Ball Stomp Ever


Groin attacks have been banned in MMA since the early days of the UFC, as attacks to the boys are just too overpowered. Every once in a while, though, an accidental shot makes it through. At ONE FC 28: Dynasty of Champions, which went down last week in Guangzhou, China, a pair of undefeated competitors, Ze Wu and Hu Quiang Wu, met in the cage for the co-main event. The duo are both impressive specimens, agile and strong, and the pair went at it for two exceptional rounds. The moment we’re interested in happened in the second round, about 2:30 in. Ze Wu has Quiang Wu on the ground and goes to finish the job with a flamboyant flipping stomp. Unfortunately for both men, his feet come down right in his opponent’s groin region, putting a temporary stop to the action. He would take the fight moments later with a rear naked choke.