This Vietnamese Ball Wrestling Festival Is Something Else

This Vietnamese Ball Wrestling Festival Is Something Else

People do all sorts of things with balls in this world, as regular readers of this website are no doubt aware. But a festival held in one Vietnamese village gives us a new twist. The annual festival of the Thuy Linh village in Hanoi sees teams of young men wrestling with each other to deposit a massive ball in a hole on their side of the field. There are multiple different events throughout the party, with each having its own weight class of ball from 8kg to 12kg.

The balls are made of rubber, replacing the traditional jackfruit wood, and the event obliquely celebrates the god Linh Lang. The two sides have no padding or protective gear, are clad only in white pants (no shoes) and the struggle quickly devolves into massive pile-ups as the men swarm all over the orb trying to gain control of it.

It looks like a pretty rough chuckle, but the event has been occurring in the village for decades, drawing Vietnamese from all over the country to celebrate and participate. We doubt this particular ball sport is going to catch on overseas, so let’s just leave them to it.

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