This Woman Is Crocheting Hats For Concrete Balls


It’s cold outside, and we’re big fans of bundling up at the Ball Report. But that doesn’t typically extend to inanimate objects. One South St. Louis woman, though, is on a quest to cover up some controversial concrete balls in her city with hand-crocheted hats. This is her story.

Like many other cities around the world, South St. Louis has a speeding problem. So they’re looking for inexpensive outside the box solutions to improve the safety of their roadways. One thing they’ve come up with is installing large concrete spheres at intersections to reduce the speeds of drivers coming through. Traffic science has proven that these things work, but not everybody’s happy about them.

Enter Brooke Roseberry. She’s got nothing against safety per se, but she has an aesthetic disagreement with the big balls. So she set out to make them a little more welcoming with the help of some yarn. Over the course of six hours, she knit an enormous beanie and placed it on top of the ball, making it look a little bit like an abstract sculpture of one of the kids from South Park. Will Roseberry’s hats stop at just one, or does she plan to cover every concrete ball in South St. Louis with a warm chapeau?

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