You Touched It Last Is Our New Favorite Ball Game


When you’re a kid, you know the unwritten rule of making a mess: if someone else played with a toy after you did, they have to put it away. That’s the principle behind You Touched It Last, a new game made with the popular Garry’s Mod that puts a bunch of identical dudes (except for their shirt color) in a variety of environments with one simple rule: don’t be the guy who touches the ball last.

The ball carrier can tag people to give them the ball, as well as throwing it a pretty serious distance to transfer it with less risk. Of course, tag-backs are a thing, so once you get rid of your orb you need to haul ass out of there. If you lose the ball, you can stand still for a few seconds and teleport it back into your hand as well. The game also has a bunch of other modes that let you play freeze tag, turn the balls into bombs, et cetera.

This video playthrough from Kuledud3 gets right down to the appeal of the game: hauling ass through psychedelic mazes while frantically trying to keep away from the one guy with the ball. If there’s one complaint we have about You Touched It Last, it’s that the mazes are a little large. It’s easy to spend several minutes in relative safety because the ball-carrier is so far away you don’t have to worry about it.

You can get You Touched It Last from Steam.