Trans Woman Forced To Have Testicle Removed After Tucking

Trans Woman Forced To Have Testicle Removed After Tucking

We’re extremely happy that more and more people are finding comfort and connection with a gender identity that might be different than the one they were assigned at birth. All people are valid, and you deserve to live in a body that matches your mental self-image. But our transgender brothers and sisters often have to go through some arduous stuff to get there, and in this case the process of “tucking” a testicle resulted in medical complications.

The woman, an unidentified 24 year old from the Philippines, presented to Brokenshire Integrated Health Ministries in Davao City after noticing pain in her gonads. She had been tucking her testicles into the space in her abdomen for years as part of her gender identity, and then folded the empty sack and her penis through her thighs to present a smoother crotch. This resulted in a nasty case of testicular torsion.

One of the testicles was too damaged to be saved, but the woman opted to keep the other one in case she ever wanted to have children in the future. The operation went smoothly.

The practice of tucking is a long-held one in the transgender and drag communities, and this is one of the first cases we’ve seen of medical issues related to it. That said, our mantra is always the same: check your balls on a regular basis and make sure nothing feels out of the ordinary. If it does, head to a doctor as soon as you are able.

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