Twist Almost Costs Teen A Testicle

Twist Almost Costs Teen A TesticleWe’ve talked about testicular torsion here before – when a missed movement or other trauma causes your ballsack to twist, choking up the cord that connects the testicle to the rest of your body and resulting in massive pain and the potential loss of one of your boys. Now a particularly scary story in a medical journal is making us even more aware of it.

The patient in question is a 16 year old Ohio boy who was supposed to have surgery for a hernia but kept postponing it because of school commitments. While your education is important, neglecting your ballsack can lead to some serious trouble down the line. In this case, one of the boy’s balls had rotated 260 degrees – just short of 3/4 of a full turn. That’s way farther than those things are supposed to move.

Dr. Arturo Aranda performed the surgery, cutting a small incision in his scrotum and going inside to untwist the cord and free up the testicle. The patient is expected to make a full recovery and isn’t likely to neglect those warnings again.

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