Unlucky Bullfighter Takes Horn To The Balls


If there’s one sport that poses a greater danger to man’s testicles, it’s bullfighting. The controversial cultural entertainment seen all over Spain and Mexico has come under fire for animal cruelty, but it often seems like it’s the poor bullfighter who gets the short end of the stick – or the sharp end of the horn, as it were. We’ve reported on matadors taking horns to their nether regions here in the past, and here’s another cautionary tale.

The guy in question is Luis David Adame, an experienced torero competing in a festival in the Plaza de Santa MarĂ­a de QuerĂ©taro in Queretaro, Mexico. When you watch the video, you can see exactly what happens. The bull comes in at an angle, seemingly headed right for Adame’s flapping red cape. But at the very last second, the animal rapidly turns and veers into his groin, flipping the unlucky torero up into the air.

He’s quickly removed from the arena by his fellow bullfighters, but you can see the damage was done. Adame clutches his groin as a terrifying red stain spreads out from his crotch. He was rushed to the hospital and stabilized, and by the next morning he was in good enough shape to tweet a message of thanks to his supporters.

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