UPDATE: Little Doofus Continues To Train With Ninja Balls

We love doing updates on our past stories. For one, it’s easy, and come on: it’s Monday morning! Cut us a break. But it also gives our faithful readers a chance to see what’s been going on with some of their favorite testicular subjects. Take this young man, for instance. Do you remember him? We, uh, formerly called him a “little doofus”. Sorry about that. He’s a slightly larger doofus now, in our minds. That’s called setting the record straight.

So it seems our friend “Corn” has moved onto the moderately larger ninja balls, up from the rather puny ninja balls he was wrestling with last November. It’s obvious that the medium-size ninja balls are supposed to be more difficult to work with, but it’s not totally clear to us why that is. Frankly, when we hear “monkey bars” we think about chimps tossing back tequila shots, so this whole “getting on American Ninja Warrior” process is, safe to say, not aimed in our direction. But bigger is definitely not better in this case, as the extra large…whatever it is…has been deposed for the somewhat more manageable grapplers. Celebrate, men of normal endowment!

What’s more impressive to us, though, is the way this kid handles that bar exercise. He’s made a heck of a lot of progress, that’s for sure. If American Ninja Warrior is still around in 2045, he just might win the thing.