What Does My Vasectomy Have To Do With Leadership?


We’ve written a lot about the various repercussions of testicular cancer and fertility surgery here on this site, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen getting your tubes tied connected to leadership. Yet the Good Men Project has published an essay by Darren Horne linking the two, and it’s a fascinating read.

After getting his vasectomy, Horne began thinking about how the procedure could make him a better leader. He spoke to management experts, motivational speakers and others to connect the experience to an improved mindset and useful advice for the future.

Good leadership requires a number of qualities. You need to be willing to completely commit to a task – to go “full monty,” as it were – as well as have guts and the intentionality to take ownership of your business and your team.

Horne writes: “I was scared about the vasectomy. There are articles online that have horror stories of blood, and swelling of grapefruit-sized proportions. I nearly canceled it. But I didn’t, I went through with it anyway, and I am sharing my story. Leadership is about vulnerability, and is there any time we feel more vulnerable than during a vasectomy?”

It’s an interesting essay and very much worth a click.

Read more at The Good Men Project.