Volleyball Horror “Girls With Balls” Is Coming To Netflix

Volleyball Horror "Girls With Balls" Is Coming To Netflix

We wrote a little about French horror-comedy Girls With Balls last year when it played at Fantastic Fest, but it’s time to revisit the flick because it’s coming to your living room courtesy of Netflix.

To catch you up, Girls With Balls tells the tale of an all-girl high school voleyball team that finds themselves stranded in the woods and ambushed by a horde of murderous rednecks. Director Olivier Afonso cut his teeth doing makeup and visual effects for indie flicks like The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, but this movie is a very different beast indeed. Initial reviews are pretty mediocre, with praise going to Denis Lavant’s performance as the leader of the hillbillies and the technical skill of the gore effects but criticism towards the simplistic plot and thinly-developed characters.

But what do people expect from a movie like this? In the glory days of slasher cinema, we didn’t overthink any of these things. We just watched for shocking slays and the occasional boob, and it sounds like Girls With Balls provides both in spades. That said, we’re always up for a slasher, especially one that calls out to balls in one way or another. We’ll fire up Netflix and see what we think.

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