Watch This New Documentary About Balls

How did somebody produce an entire documentary about testicles without us being aware of it? Filmmaker Charlie David is the mastermind behind Balls, an hour-long examination of our favorite body part. With a host of interviews, animation and found video, he goes into great detail about society’s fascination with the nutsack.

We put a lot of importance in balls around here, as part of our mission to make sure testicular cancer is caught and treated early. But humanity has valued the gonads for many centuries. Viewed as the source of a man’s potency and power, “big balls” are something money can’t buy. This documentary speaks with numerous experts about the role of testicles in society, and examines why it’s funny to see them hurt, as well as other angles on the topic.

Even though the film is made on a pretty low budget, Balls is still a fun watch and you might even learn a thing or two. Kudos to Mr. David for creating such a compelling take on one of our favorite subjects.

You can rent Balls to stream on YouTube for just $2.99