Watch Golfer Bryson DeChambeau Hit Balls As Hard As He Can

Watch Golfer Bryson DeChambeau Hit Balls As Hard As He Can

One of the biggest stories in the golf world in recent years was the physical transformation of Bryson DeChambeau, who bulked up to the tune of 40 pounds since he left college in 2015. Already a promising duffer, the addition of the extra muscle mass elevated DeChambeau’s game to a new level, giving him significant increases in distance off the tee – more than 18 yards on average between 2019 and 2020.

We don’t talk a lot about the physical aspect of the golf game, mainly because so many of the sport’s legends haven’t had physiques worth close examination. But along with the mental rigor of calculating flight paths and carefully controlling your swing, there is also a significant muscular requirement – you have to be able to rotate with power through the core and arms with remarkable precision, and for a golfer like Bryson DeChambeau, having some extra meat in there has seen huge dividends.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, he posted a clip to his Instagram that shows exactly how much power he’s knocking out, as he uses an indoor driving simulator to whack balls at ludicrous speeds. Fun stuff.

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