Watch Goo Balls Go Nuts In This Crazy Music Video


Music videos are a great way for filmmakers to express their creativity and work out ideas. In the golden era of the form – the 1990s, of course – the medium was a training ground for tons of stylists. But the age of the music video is all but gone, with MTV not really airing them anymore. YouTube and Vimeo, though, have become hotbeds for music listening and discovery. And sometimes, these videos even have balls.

Case in point: the new clip for “Space Diaspora” by the band Oy. Directed by animator Moritz Reichartz, the music video stars some fluid balls that dance and cavort across an alien landscape, reshaping themselves into a variety of forms as they leave their home planet behind for a new world.

Oy is a pretty fascinating group – Ghanaian-Swiss vocalist & musician Joy Frempong and producer & musician Lleluja-Ha make trippy, driving tracks that stick in your head, and this music video is a great illustration of the many facets of their sound. Reichartz took the unusual step of animating the clip without using keyframes, just letting the shapes move in a physically real way to produce effects that are less planned.

It paid off – “Space Diaspora” is one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Thanks to Dezeen for the tip.