Watch This Guy Clean Balls For An Hour


We’ve written about ASMR a few times on this site, but we’re still no closer to understanding it. It stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, a unique feeling that only a small percentage of the population can experience. This Washington Post article explains it better than we ever could. The thing with ASMR is that people who like it really like it. And they’re willing to seek it out just about anywhere.

YouTube has become a destination for ASMR videos of all kinds. Many of them stick to a pretty simple formula – a person faces the camera and talks slowly and carefully about something to you. That ideally triggers the ASMR response. But talking isn’t the only thing that does it, and this clip – where a guy cleans balls for nearly an hour – is a great example.

Slowly and steadily, he takes a scrubbing brush to a wide panoply of balls of all sizes, cleaning them of dirt and grime. He doesn’t say anything throughout, just focusing on clean balls and nothing else. It’s hard to say whether this routine is particularly good at stimulating ASMR, but there’s no denying that it’s a fascinatingly weird thing.