Watch Molten Copper Vs. A Rubber Band Ball


We’ve covered the copper pouring videos of YouTube user Tito4re on the site before as part of our constant quest to document everything balls-related. The general gimmick of his channel is superheating metals like copper to a liquid state, then pouring them on things to see what happens. This week’s victim: a good-sized rubber band ball.

If you’ve ever had an office job and not a lot of supervision, you’ve probably made a rubber band ball of your own. The tension of the bands is perfect for making a spheroid shape without any trouble, and they can get pretty big. Tito’s was a normal sized one, a little smaller than a baseball, and when it met copper heated to 1,984 degrees Fahrenheit what happened was pretty surprising.

As you’d expect, the outer layers catch fire pretty quickly and burn for a surprisingly long time. Interestingly enough, though, the inner bands don’t catch fire at all. That’s because all of the heat from the metal and burning bands dissipates outwards into the air as a path of least resistance. When Tito scrapes off the charred remnants of the rubber band ball’s crust, he reveals the inner ones are remarkably untouched.

We’re not 100% sure what this is meant to prove, exactly, but it’s a fun video for a Wednesday morning. Enjoy!