Watch These Balls Of Fire Burn Through East Tennessee

Tennessee Balls Of Fire

Fire has been on the mind of many Americans through this long, hot summer. Wildfires have decimated thousands of acres of forest and farmland and driven hundreds from their homes. And fire is also unpredictable and can take many forms. Residents of Seymour, Tennessee found that out for themselves earlier this week when a bizarre phenomenon sent balls of fire floating through their neighborhood.

The incident started when a dead tree was blown over by the wind and landed on a power line. Those lines are insulated, but they can only take so much before sparks start to fly. Every time another gust of wind hit the tree, it would jerk along the lines and send another burst of power down the line, exploding into a fireball. If it wasn’t so dangerous, it would be pretty cool to watch.

Residents of the Tennessee town, just outside of Knoxville, compared it to “something out of a movie.” The fireballs surged down the power line for a full twenty minutes, causing power brownouts throughout and filling the air with the smell of combustion. Fire responders came and managed to extract the tree from the line, bringing the area back to normal.

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