Watch This Kung Fu Master Use Amazing Vacuum Hands To Lift Balls

There are two schools of martial arts. One is the ground-level kind where you learn practical responses to situations that normal human beings might find themselves in. And then there’s the totally weird kind where kung fu masters do things with their bodies that seem supernatural. This guy is completely in the second camp.

The video, filmed in Fuyang, Anhui Province by a tourist, shows Wang Boshun demonstrating his incredible skills to a group. Boshun’s abilities seem to emanate from the palms of his hands, and can be used to lift a variety of objects. He starts off by lifting a series of frosted and clear orbs with flat bases. They look a lot like giant bathroom light bulbs. An assistant puts them back on the table after he moves them, showing the crowd that they’re not balloons or anything else suspicious.

Boshun then repeats the feat with some other objects – green glass beer bottles and what looks like an enormous tower of aluminum cans. With each lift, he uses nothing but the flat of his hand. How is this possible? Well, some people theorize that being good enough at martial arts lets you independently control every muscle in your body, allowing you to use them in unusual ways. A more skeptical soul could suggest that the things he’s picking up are pretty light and he just has big hands.

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