What Does Feel Good On Our Balls, Fellas?

our balls

Say, boys, do you ever wonder what feels good on our balls? “Our” balls in the collective sense, that is. I’m not saying that you are sharing your balls with us. Our balls are separate.

Moving on.

One thing is for sure: we know intimately what sort of contact does not feel good on our balls. Here’s a partial list:

So, really, making our balls feel good is not exactly a Herculean task. There are tons of things you can’t do, a small handful of things that anyone would enjoy, and a few other things which will be successful in only certain circumstances. Like this piece of advice, for instance, from Bustle:

The area between your guy’s two testicles (sometimes referred to as the “seam”) can be especially sensitive. Put your thumb on the side of his sack facing you, and your pointer finger on the side facing towards his back. Very gently hold the skin between your fingers, and slide your fingers down the length of his sack. Let go and start over from the top. Or you can stroke the seam with your tongue.

The seam? Yikes! That could go either way, right? We need that seam to stay together. Some guys may feel like stroking on it is tempting fate.

Moreover, does this really count as advice?

Your guy is the expert on his own balls. Ask him if he plays with his balls when he masturbates, and have him show you his techniques. Or try out some of the ideas I mentioned above, and ask him which ones he likes best.

Have fun exploring!

Alarms should be going off in your head right now. Guys are not experts on our own balls. Most of us aren’t even sure that we need two to procreate! Some guys think you can pray the pain away! Don’t ask us what feels good if you need help…we’re just as clueless as you are.

If you need to know what doesn’t feel good, though, we’re experts on that.