What In The World Is The Extra Large Testicle?

We’re gonna level with you here, Ball Report-ers. It’s time to get honest. Many times, we do not have any single idea what in the hell is going on in a YouTube video—that goes double if it’s some kind of video game or computer thing. It’s not that we don’t like gaming, it’s just that, well, we typically enjoy some of the more “AAA” titles? Many of those don’t end up notching the right groin-related keywords, and so they go uncovered here.

With that in mind, we bring you “The Extra Large Testicle”. This video is of some game, it seems, but because of the fact that there are no comments enabled on the page combined with the extreme generic nature of the graphics, we are unable to discern much more about it. Presumably, the big rolling ball a la Katamari Damacy (see, we told you we played games) is the extra large testicle in question, but where it is or why it’s being kicked by passersby is outside the realm of our comprehension.

Nevertheless, please enjoy this rendition of “Entrance of the Gladiators”. We’re sure it makes sense to someone.