What Your Sack Says About You (Probably Nothing)

Rachel Bloom created, stars in, produces, and does all that other good stuff for her show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”. The CW show is a comedy and drama mix that, according to IMDB, features the story of “A young woman abandon[ing] a choice job at a law firm and her life in New York in an attempt to find love in the unlikely locale of West Covina, California.” Wow–a show about romance centering on the differences between New York and California? Where’d you come up with that one?! Good luck, lady!

Okay, so the premise is not exactly mind-blowing, but the show is supposed to be pretty good. More importantly for our purposes, Blooms anecdotes are good. In this one, she relates a story about a gaggle of guy friends each taking a picture of their own sack and sending it to Bloom’s assistant in a drunken attempt at anatomical-themed version of Guess Who?

Surprisingly, Bloom says that one’s sack does not necessarily correlate at all to one’s appearance or personality (check the video out to see how many she got right). But with just five pictures to compare, we think she was probably working with too small a sample size.

We don’t have her e-mail address, though.