What’s Inside A Giant Rubber Band Ball Will Not Surprise You

“Yeah, what is inside a giant rubber band ball?” you might be asking yourself, if you have extremely poor critical thinking skills or the world’s worst short-term memory. Let there be no mistake: inside of a giant rubber band ball are more rubber bands. That’s why it is called a “giant rubber band ball”. Do you get it?

This guy doesn’t. Or rather, he does get it, but knows that he can get a half million people to watch him take a 28lb rubber band ball apart with a rotary saw, and so he grabs the video camera. Admittedly, it is pretty neat to watch the rubber bands pinch and throw themselves off the ball, but it’s not much of a surprise really. What is a surprise is that our host doesn’t get an eye put out by not wearing safety goggles. At least put some glasses on the kid! Make him wear a cup, let the saw slow down before you put it on the table, anything at all!