What’s Inside These Chinese Balls?


YouTube channel What’s Inside has nearly three million subscribers, proving that humanity has a burning need to cut things open. Their videos are charmingly hokey, and this one is no different. The crew head to China to explore a bit and then take home a set of traditional “baoding” balls, the small metal orbs used as a meditation and relaxation tool.

Yes, they do spend some time using these Chinese balls to relax, but it’s all a prelude to taking them home and putting them under a saw. It takes a few passes to cut the thing open, and they’re surprisingly durable, but once the baoding are cracked open with a pry bar they discover the secret of the ball’s unique feel and tone – a small glass marble and some wire springs.

It must be pretty cool to get to go to China just to make a YouTube video. Kind of sad we didn’t think of this idea first, but kudos to the What’s Inside folks for giving us a glimpse at a ball seldom seen here in the West.