Wiffle Ball Joins The Toy Hall Of Fame In 2017

Wiffle Ball Toy Hall Of Fame

We know, it’s the middle of winter, but it’s time to think back to summertimes of your youth, because a classic toy just made its way into the Toy Hall Of Fame. Didn’t know that was even a thing? Read on, pal. You’re about to learn more about Wiffle ball than you ever wanted to know.

People have been playing improvised games of baseball for decades – when you can’t get to a diamond, kids improvise on streets, in back yards and elsewhere. But traditional bats can whack balls pretty hard and cause unintended damage in those situations, so Connecticut father David N. Mullany wanted to find some other thing for his children to whack around. His invention was a hollow plastic ball that was perforated with oblong holes to let air pass through.

The Whiffle Ball – named because his kids called missing a pitch a “whiff” – quickly became a vital part of American childhood, letting kids take at bats without worrying about shattering windows. And now the Toy Hall Of Fame’s 2017 class – which also includes the paper airplane and the board game Clue – has recognized it. How exactly the honorees are determined (other nominees included Matchbox cars and the Magic 8 Ball) is a mystery, but we applaud the decision.

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