Will Wearing Two Jockstraps Prevent Testicle Injuries?

The cold, hard facts on testicle injuries, from the FAB Fitness India channel:

  • They’ll make you walk like a penguin
  • 5’11” is tall to some people
  • Sometimes doctors are funny
  • 3 days is about 72 hours
  • Two jockstraps are better than one

If those five pointers don’t make sense to you, you just need to check the video out. In short, our FAB friend here recounts his recent experience with testicle injuries, which has apparently convinced him that wearing two jockstraps is a good preventative measure. We’re not sure that’s how they work, man! Three or four of them probably wouldn’t even keep you from smashing your mushroom tip. Hell, five might not even be enough if you’re really getting your lift on. Everything else sounds right, though – doctors can be a real hoot.