Winter Can Go To Hell: Exploding Snow Balls Edition

It’s been unseasonably, unprecedentedly warm throughout much of the country this winter, with cities from¬†Texas to New York seeing new record high temperatures. There may not be a current consensus as to the cause of this odd but delightful break from icy weather, but one thing is for sure: when it’s over, we are going to get our guns and cameras and film some exploding snow balls.

That’s not true, of course, because it would be crazy to do that. No one could possibly be frustrated enough with the rather mild winter weather so far to make shooting at it seem like a rational way of letting steam off. Well, not no one. One guy did do that.

There’s apparently a dedicated group of YouTubers¬†going into the woods and shooting expensive ammunition at things you wouldn’t expect them to be shooting at, but these “exploding snow balls” are the least worthy targets yet. It’s like shooting a cloud.