Woman Bites Fiance’s Testicle Off, Admits It On TV

We do sometimes indulge in trashy TV around here, and even though regular TV seems to be getting trashier than ever, the old style “talk show” format has been dead for some time. For a stroll down memory lane or garbage avenue, we generally are forced to browse YouTube, which has become an unofficial repository for some of the junkiest of old junk over the years.

Take this, for instance, a Jerry Springer episode from 1999 (that feels like it could be from the 17th century) featuring a woman who purportedly caught her fiancĂ© cheating (in their own bed, as if any place else would be less transgressive) and, in retaliation, bit off said fiance’s testicle. Having just one testicle is nothing to be ashamed about, of course, but it might be something worth breaking up over. Apparently, this couple has worked things out.

Now if that sounds realistic to you, somehow, take time to watch the video. The only person not acting in that studio is Jerry Springer; given his credits, maybe that’s for the best.