Woman Bites Penis And Testicle When Husband Doesn’t Get Out Of Bed

Woman Bites Penis When Husband Doesn't Get Out Of Bed

Well this isn’t a happy marriage. Over the wire last week came the tale of a poor schmoe in Cambodia who got his dingus bitten when he wouldn’t get out of bed for breakfast after a long night out drinking.

Our protagonist’s name is Ly Leap, and he went out carousing with his wife Chum Vung in their hometown of Siam Reap. By all accounts, they had a fine time together and all was well in the household. Unfortunately, different people process alcohol at different levels of efficiency, and the next morning Vung felt sprightly and well enough to hop out of their marital bed and make the couple some breakfast.

Leap, however, was not sharing in her enthusiasm. Grotesquely hung over, he refused to get up for a meal. His wife wasn’t pleased by that, and the duo started to argue. Things escalated, and Leap bit her ear hard enough to draw blood. Incensed, she also used her teeth on the most vulnerable area available: his groin. First she bit his penis, then his right testicle. Neighbors heard his agonized howls of pain and called the police.

Neither of the duo chose to press charges, so hopefully couples counseling is in their future.

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