Woman Gets Butt Lift As Fiance Battles Testicular Cancer

Woman Gets Butt Lift As Fiance Battles Testicular Cancer

Fighting testicular cancer takes a toll not just on the patient, but on the friends and family members who care for them. It can be a grueling experience that feels like it will never end, and mentally and physically it beats you down. People have all kinds of coping mechanisms for getting through the process, but this is the first time we’ve ever heard of a caregiver getting a butt lift to help out.

The case comes to us from the United Kingdom, where Charlene England had just given birth to a new baby with her fiance Dan, who she had been with for eight years. When Dan began feeling numbness and tingling in his hands, he went to the doctor for a complete work-up only to be surprised that the cause was testicular cancer. He began a series of treatments to shrink the tumor for surgery.

At the same time, Charlene was dealing with post-partum depression after the C-section birth of their son Robbie. As happens to many women, she started feeling negative thoughts about her body and chose to address them through surgery – in her case, a $5600 procedure to raise and tone her buttocks. Some of their acquaintances have been critical of the decision, but she responded “It’s none of their business. No-one has the right to call me selfish. I spend all my time looking after everyone else and I needed to do something for myself, to boost my confidence and self-esteem.”

We can see both sides of the argument here, but if Dan isn’t stressed that his fiance got a butt lift to make herself feel better, it shouldn’t be anyone else’s business.

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