Woman Stabs Husband In Balls Because He Didn’t Bring Her Flowers

Romanian Woman Stabs Husband In Balls

International Women’s Day was Tuesday, and hopefully you spent it giving props to the many important women in both your life and world history. And hopefully your day didn’t go as poorly as 40 year old Romanian man Ionel Popa, who wound up in the emergency room courtesy of his wife.

You see, Popa’s partner, Marinela Benea, really wanted flowers from her husband on this special day. But when he came home without them, tempers flared. And as anybody who’s been married for a while can attest, things can get a little wild. After exchanging words, Benea decided to escalate things a little bit and grabbed a knife. She then used the weapon to stab her harried husband several times in the balls.

Popa was rushed to the hospital, where doctors performed emergency surgery to patch up the wounds. While there, he told EMTs the whole sordid story.

While not getting flowers isn’t an admissible reason to stab your husband in the balls, Benea disputed Popa’s version of events. In a statement to police, she claimed that she really didn’t care about not getting flowers on International Women’s Day. Instead, she took a blade to her hubby’s scrotum because she was mad that he wasn’t doing his share of the household chores. Benea also told police that stabbing him in the nuts was “an accident.”

Let’s be frank: that’s not a better excuse, and in fact might be a worse one. How exactly do you accidentally pick up a knife, point it at someone and then poke them in the gonads? Was there a banana peel on the floor that she slipped on?

At press time, we haven’t received word as to the marital status of Popa and Benea, although it would take a lot of apologies for us to get back together with someone who stuck a knife in our nutsack.