Why Are Women Drawing Dicks And Balls On Their Eyes?

Penis Eyes

Makeup and feminine fashion isn’t really our bag here at the Ball Report, but sometimes there’s a little bit of a crossover and we must write about it. Enter dickliner, a new trend in eye makeup that’s weird and cool.

Eye makeup trends are getting pretty out of control in recent years, as the basic “smoky eye” has been replaced by women doing all kinds of complex paint jobs around their eyes. If you’ve logged on to Instagram in the last few years, you’ve no doubt seen it. But for teenager Asia Brautigam, enough was enough.

In November of last year she took a pen to the corner of her eye and drew a cartoon dinger, followed by a pair of balls at the other corner. And thus, #dickliner was born. A fashion trend that pokes fun at the absurdity of intense makeup and selfie culture while also giving props to balls is something we’re on board for. It wasn’t long before other young women started posting their dickliner selfies.

Thanks to YourTango for the tip.