Women Try Balls For A Day


This funny video from The Hambone Group is designed to build empathy. It opens with a young lady saying that “Everyone thinks it’s really easy to be a guy, but people don’t understand how hard it is to spend a day with a ballsack.” Then a group of women are equipped with dangling balls and sent out into the world. Obviously this is a spoof on those videos where men walk around with artificial breasts and the like, but it’s still pretty funny and insightful.

The balls in question are black-dyed tennis balls on what looks like eight inches of string, so they aren’t exactly perfect representations of an actual ballsack. But any dude who has got his nards wedged on a bike seat or had them jostle around while they dance will appreciate this clip. It doesn’t hurt that the ladies involved are pretty cute, too, even with a pair of balls on.