Wonder Why Getting Kicked In The Nuts Hurts Your Guts?


Wonder no more. YouTuber Simon Wheeler has produced an informative and entertaining video about why getting kicked in the testicles has painful repercussions. Wheeler’s channel, TodayIFoundOut, is all about coming up with solutions to some of life’s great mysteries, and this is certainly one of them. If you’ve ever taken a shot to the nuts – and it’s hard to find a man who hasn’t – you probably wondered why the agony didn’t stay localized in the groin. Instead, it travels upward to the base of your stomach, causing intense cramping in your gut. This is a totally weird reaction that isn’t duplicated anywhere else in your body.

Like many things, the answer comes from inside the womb. When a man’s body develops, his testicles are formed inside his abdominal cavity, and then “drop” into the scrotum when he enters puberty. Unfortunately, when they do that, some of the nerves that grew with them stay put and connected. That creates a chain of pain receptors from the balls to their former home.

When those balls get kicked, the nerve impulses start in the crotch, but on the way up to the brain they also fire the nerves in their old home. The end result is a spreading pain that not only hits your scrote but your abdomen as well. The video explains it even better than we did, so give it a watch.