Wrecking Ball Metaphor Torn To Shreds On Ellen

The premise of this bit, like the vast majority of theĀ games and gags on Ellen, is as goofy as they come. The contestants, in this case Miley Cyrus and Ellen herself, strap on heavy weights wrapped in a fabric belt, which dangle between their legs like, you guessed it, a wrecking ball. A game of handsfree croquet ensues, with the winner being the one whose target ball crosses the finish line first. It’s raucous and silly, and more than a little suggestive, but here’s the endgame: a $10,000 donation to cancer research. For that sizeĀ charitable donation, Ellen should put on a “wrecking ball” every show. I wouldn’t watch it, necessarily. But I would post the video here, if that helps!