Yangervis Solarte Makes An Amazing Cheesy Catch


Most foul balls that wind up in the stands end up going home with a spectator. But if a fielder catches it, that’s an out for their team. So when Padres third baseman Yangervis Solarte saw a high pop-up coming to his side of the field, he decided to put it all on the line and go for it.

San Diego was playing the Giants on Friday and dominating the team, but in the ninth inning Angel Pagan popped a foul off of his bat. The high, arcing ball was coming in pretty close to the wall, so Solarte went for it. His momentum took him head over heels and right into the stands, but when an official ran over he confirmed that the catch was good and Pagan was out.

The ump then did a double-take when he noticed that the ball and Solarte’s glove were both covered in orange cheese. He’d smashed into a spectator’s tray of nachos, and even though the snacks were a total loss it was still a win for the team.

The San Diego Union Tribune has a frame-by-frame breakdown of the spectacular catch, showing how Solarte’s dive into the stands placed him right into a fan’s concessions. It’s a pretty miraculous catch and helped the Padres go up on their rivals the Giants 4-1.