These Yoga Ball Stunts Are Insane


It’s National Yoga Day, and although we don’t really partake over here at the Ball Report, we managed to find a way to tie it in to our daily activities, thanks to the humble yoga ball. Also known as exercise balls, these inflatable spheres are used in the practice to support backs and other body parts in intense stretches, as well as to give extra resistance to certain exercises.

However, we can bet that the inventors of yoga balls never thought they’d be used like this. Their elasticity and high tensile strength makes them a perfect launching pad if you’re into pulling intense tricks. If you hit one right, they can spring you several feet into the air. What you do from there is your business.

The clip, from popular YouTube channel People Are Awesome, features a trio of incredible stunt performers pushing themselves to the limit with a yoga ball. Hold your breath, because some of these stunts are flat-out terrifying.