You Won’t Be Shaving Balls With a Laser Anytime Soon

When it comes to nascent laser tech industry, all of us are thinking the exact same thing — when can I start shaving balls with this stuff? Well, sadly, as today’s CNet hands-on investigation reveals, the answer is: probably never.

For one thing, the Skarp Laser Razor promises to smoothly cut hairs using a revolutionary new technology and a process that requires just one AAA battery, and will never cut, irritate, or burn the skin. Also there’s a freaking laser attached to the damn thing.

But, as you can see in the official demo video above, the reality of shaving balls with a laser, or anything at all, really, is a lot less compelling than it sounds. The prototype — if you can even call it that, which is why this project lost its $4M Kickstarter funding — is slow, unsteady, and very unimpressive. In fact, it’s not even as functional as it appears, since it currently requires a wall-mounted power unit and a long, fragile strand of optical fiber to work. This is not the future…this stinks.


image via Skarp Technologies