Why Does This YouTube Channel Want You To Say These Testicle Words?

YouTube Pronunciation

YouTube is a weird place. Because it’s free to upload as much video as you want, whenever you want, people fill its servers with some of the most bizarre and unexplainable clips imaginable. But our recent discovery of a channel that offers tips on pronouncing dozens of testicle-related phrases has pushed the envelope one more time.

The YouTube channel is called Dictionary Voice, and it seems to be using both male and female software-generated voices and automatically generated visuals to create short videos. The channel has thousands of clips.

They start out pretty normal – “testicle transplant” is certainly a thing that we could see people saying out loud.

But then they just get weirder and weirder. “Testicle wrestler?”

“Testicular Blindness?” We can’t even figure out what this would mean. Is it when you can’t see your own testicles, or when you can’t see with your testicles? The world may never know.

Finally, we end up with stuff like “vanishing testicle flailing demoniac,” which are four words that we’ve never seen together in several years of writing about balls.

What is going on with this bizarre YouTube channel? We can’t believe that there are enough people with testicle pronunciation questions out there to make these worth uploading, but there they are.