YouTube Star Logan Paul Is Missing 15% Of One Ball


It’s highly possible that we here at the Ball Report are too old to really get the appeal of YouTube stars Logan Paul and Jake Paul. The blonde duo got their start making six second clips for the now shuttered Vine service before transcending into true viral fame, co-starring roles on Disney Channel shows and stuff like that. Jake’s star seems to be on the decline after the aftershocks from his pranks got him ostracized by his Hollywood neighbors, but Logan still seems to be doing fine.

Well, except for the testicular thing. On a recent Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance, Loan Paul shared a story about how a prank gone wrong caused him to have to part with 15% of one ball. While filming a bit for YouTube, Paul decided to run across the top of a table. Typically, this wouldn’t be a big deal, as four legs can distribute the weight of a human being fairly well.

Unfortunately for Logan, this table was the kind that just has one central support in the middle, and when he stepped on it the top broke off and sent him sliding groin-first onto a chair. The impact was so severe that… well, watch the video. He breaks it down better than we could. Sorry, dude.

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